Three Ways To Learn English Fast

Being an English Trainer I come across with a common question.” How can I improve my English fast”? If you follow the tips below you can definitely improve your English fast.

1.Be in contact with English

Read more , listen more ,speak more and write more.You can start with reading simple English stories and when you understand them easily, go for newspaper or other serious stuff.When you read, try to read in an undertone so that your ears will be familiar with the new words.

Next, try to listen to English conversation by others.Either you can watch English TV programs or simply observe how people around you speak in English. This way you will learn common simple usages which you can copy in your conversations.

Now it is time to give your output —  Just speak.Oh! no… What will others think about me if I make mistakes. If that is there in your mind, first talk to yourself. Whatever is there in your mind ,say it loudly to yourself and you will see how easy to speak with others.

2. Get the basics correct

Find a good English Trainer in your locality who can understand your weaknesses and rectify them. Also it is helpful to refer a grammar book as well as a dictionary for clearing your grammar fundamentals and vocabulary improvement.

3.Put it into practice

Incorporate what you have learned in your daily life. When you use a new word, it will be yours.

What are you waiting for? Get..Set..Go…..